YSRCP Leader Gudivada Amarnath Schools Pawan Kalyan Over AP Economy Diatribe

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Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh IT Minister and YSR Congress leader Gudivada Amarnath on Wednesday launched a blistering attack against the Jana Sena Party (JSP) chief Pawan Kalyan for his tirade on Twitter earlier today. 

Giving a point by point rebuttal to JSP leader, the state minister said Pawan Kalyan lacks an understanding of basic economics and still chooses to comment on the economic status of the state. 

Responding to the allegation of making Andhra Pradesh poor, Amarnath hit back with evidence and asked the Jana Sena leader if the economy was in bad shape then how did the state achieve GSDP of 11.43 percent and is the fastest growing economy in the country.
Elaborating on it, the YSR Congress leader said not only GSDP, Andhra Pradesh state was ranked 18 in terms of per capita income in 2019 and within two years the state jumped nine positions and managed to break into the top 10 in 2021. 

Amarnath clarified that these stats were quoted from the Central government datasets. He added that the people of Andhra Pradesh have majorly contributed to the growth rate. The YSRCP leader then dropped a truth bomb and asked Pawan Kalyan if he was ‘discrediting the truth and their hard work’ with his unfounded allegations.

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