Where is the Crowd?: Frustrated Chandrababu Shouts at TDP-Jana Sena Leaders

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Tadepalligudem: Rattled by a series of massive successes of ‘Siddham’ rallies across the region, the TDP and Janasena planned to recreate the magic of ruling YSRCP. The opposition alliance held its first joint public meeting at Tadepalligudem public meeting on Wednesday but the event turned out to be a major embarrassment for the opposition parties. 

The sprawling venue chosen for the opposition public meeting was wearing a deserted look. The leaders from both the parties tried their best to bring the people to the meeting area but the thin gathering cannot qualify to be called even a crowd leave alone labelling it a mammoth public meeting which was on full display at Bheemili, Denduluru and Raptadu meetings. 

The YSRCP’s meetings are titled as ’Siddham’ meaning ready (for upcoming elections), however, poor attendance at the TDP- Janasena’s first meeting showed the people are not ready to re-elect the 99 candidates recently announced by the opposition parties. 

The TDP’s ‘new vision for Andhra Pradesh with Super Six guarantees’ and power of Power Star Pawan Kalyan failed to boost the declining confidence among the voters for their parties. Adding to the woes of the opposition alliance, cadres from both the parties continue to stage protests over the denial of tickets for their leaders. The TDP and Jana Sena held the joint meeting to show their unity but their plan fell flat as the parties rank and files continue to squabble over the sharing of seats for the upcoming elections. 

Noticing the empty seats at the venue of the public meeting, the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu learnt to have expressed his displeasure at the local party leadership. The party leaders tried every tactic to show a huge crude at the rally but in vain. They distributed a box filled with Rs 500 note, small liquor bottle, snacks, cigarette, sweets and a condom packet and yet people failed to turn up for the meeting. 

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