Visakhapatnam: New Twist in 5-year-old Boy’s Suspicious Death

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Visakhapatnam: The tragic death of a five-year-old boy under suspicious conditions in Pendurthi mandal in Visakhapatnam has taken a new twist on Sunday. The boy, Teja, reportedly died after drowning in a swimming pool in Lendi Vanam resort. 

According to sources, while building the Lendi Vanam resort, its owner Bhanu Kumar colluded with a local TDP leader Bandari Satyanarayana as he was eyeing the adjacent open land. He even made an unsuccessful attempt to encroach on it. 

Kumar, who was waiting for an opportunity to grab the open land, devised a plan and asked the resort’s watchman to dispose off the body of a deceased boy in the open land. As per the owner’s suggestion, during the night time, the watchman left the body under a tree in the open land. The police said when people find a dead body in the land, nobody would come forward to buy this land and he will get it cheaply. The police have registered a case against the watchman and the owner Kumar and are trying to detain him in Hyderabad. 

The next day people found the body of the deceased in the open land and they suspected that the boy died of a snakebite as froth was coming out of his mouth. Later, the parents approached the Visakhapatnam police and filed a case of suspicious death. 

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