Tirupati: TDP Amaravati Farmers' Protestor Pic in Eenadu Story A Beggar !

Tirupati: Eenadu Story Showing Man Protesting In TDP Amaravati Farmer's Protest Is A Beggar  - Sakshi Post

TIRUPATI: The Telugu vernacular daily paper Eenadu had recently published a story about the TDP’s Amaravati Farmer’s protest in Tirupati. They published a picture of a man in green clothes with a cap on holding a flag as a protestor.

But what was shocking to know was that the person seen in this photo was a beggar named Prasad‌. As per reports the man has been begging for the past ten years near the SV Arts‌ College in Tirupati. In the wake of the Amravati farmers' rally in the city on Friday, local TDP leaders gave him Rs 200 and wrote 'Jai Amravati' with paint all over his body and took him to the rally. They took his photo which was printed today by the daily, portraying him as an Amravati farmer.

After the rally was over Prasad went back to begging as usual on the footpath at SV Arts College on Saturday. He had the paint on along with a green stole given to him by the TDP. When the local Sakshi reporter asked him about the paint and green scarf, he explained,” TDP leaders gave me Rs.200 and dressed me up and took me to the rally. They left as soon as the meeting was over. I do not know anything else. I have been begging here since ten years,” the poor man wailed. Locals were shocked to know that the same man seen in the Saturday edition of Eenadu was the same person begging on Saturday here.

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