Tirumala: TTD Releases Anga Pradakshinam Online Tokens For February Month

Tirumala: TTD Releases Anga Pradakshinam Online Tokens For February Month - Sakshi Post

TIRUMALA: The Anga Pradakshinam tokens for the month of February have been released on  Tuesday, January 24 at 3:00 pm by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam board. However, due to Balalayam repair works being undertaken, these tokens will not available between February 22-28. The devotees are requested to note this and book accordingly.

How To Perform Anga Pradakshinam In Tirumala Temple

Devotees who have booked Angapradakshinam tickets should first take a head bath in the Srivari Pushkarini and come to the Vaikuntam first queue complex in wet clothes at 12 midnight with necessary IDs.

The TTD officials after checking the ticket and ID will allow devotees to enter the temple.

Devotees performing Angapradakshinam must wear traditional attire. Men should wear dhoti and kanduva on top. Women should wear a saree or the traditional half saree or a full-length salwar suit. Any other clothing is not allowed and devotees would not be allowed to enter if they wear such clothes.

Women and men who have received Angapradakshinam tokens will be made to enter separate waiting halls while going for darshan.

After the Suprabhata Seva is over the devotees are allowed to circumambulate the temple.

You have to lie flat on the ground and roll in the inner prakaram i.e Vimana Pradakshinam.

At 2:45 am, the women are first sent for the Angapradakshinam, followed by the men.

Women who have completed Angapradakshinam will have to come to the  ‘silver door or the vendi vakili' in the main temple for darshan.

After Angapradakshinam, devotees are offered free laddu prasadam and then sent.

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