Relief For Transport Vehicle Owners, AP Government Extends Quarterly Tax Date

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VIJAYAWADA: In a relief for transport vehicle owners, the Andhra Pradesh Transport department has extended the grace period for the quarterly tax payable every three months by two months to be payable on March 31 this year. The State Government has issued a GO on Wednesday to this effect.

Transport motorists usually have to pay quarterly tax at the beginning of the quarter. Motorists are required to pay a quarterly tax to the government by the end of January.

The state government has given a two-month grace period keeping in mind the lorry and other transport vehicle owners who are facing financial difficulties due to the corona pandemic induced lockdown and were out of work for many months. The State government has issued a notification to this effect and the AP lorry owners' association hailed this decision. They thanked the Transport Minister Perni Nani for understanding their grievances and extending relief for another two months, until March 31.

The Government may by notification from time to time, direct that a tax shall be levied on every kind of motor vehicle used or kept for use, in a public place in the State. The tax levied under Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act  shall be paid in Advance and in the manner specified in Section 11, by the registered owner of the motor vehicle or any other person having possession or control thereof, at this choice, either quarterly, half-yearly or annually on a licence to be taken out by him for that quarter, half-year or year, within fifteen days from commencement of the quarter, half-year or year, as case may be. 

For more details about the Quarterly taxes to be paid CLICK HERE.

Centre for Green Tax on old vehicles

The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Monday said that the Centre has approved a proposal to levy ‘green tax’ on old vehicles polluting the environment. The proposal will go to the states for consultation before it is formally notified. According to the proposal, green tax will be imposed on transport vehicles older than eight years at the time of renewal of the fitness certificate — at the rate of 10-25 per cent of road tax. Personal vehicles will also be charged the same levy at the time of renewal of registration certification after 15 years.

Public transport vehicles, such as city buses, will be charged a lower green tax.

In the case of vehicles being registered in highly polluted cities, a higher green tax (50 per cent of road tax) and a differential tax, depending on the fuel (petrol/diesel) variant and type of vehicle, will be charged.

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