Pawan Kalyan's Shramadanam a Photo Op, Says Kurasala Kannababu

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Amaravati: Minister for Agriculture Kurasala Kannababu said that Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan had put up a political drama in the name of Shramadanam and slammed him over his recent speech for declaring war on the government.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday, the minister said that the main event Shramadhanam had lasted only 1.08 minutes, posing for photos and videos, which is more like Pawan’s style of ‘Start-Camera-Action’. He questioned Pawan Kalyan for what reason is he waging war against the State government, whether it is for providing welfare schemes to the poor during Covid or for introducing English medium in government schools or renovating the dilapidated government hospitals. He said that the Chief Minister had declared war on poverty, to which people have stood by him, giving YSRCP a massive victory in every election.

On his call to Kapu, Telaga, Ontari communities to unite for battle against YSR Congress, the minister said that Pawan had been trying to create a rift among people by making caste politics and criticised him for making caste as an agenda of his party. Although he announced Jana Sena would work without any caste or religion, in every speech, he had been dragging caste and politicising things. The Minister said that the same person who is now recalling the Kapu agitation had a blind eye then and couldn’t even utter a single word against TDP government.

He said that people have been living with harmony across the State and the government has been recognising even the smallest castes and working for their empowerment. He said that welfare schemes are being provided irrespective of caste, religion or party and people are very happy with Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s governance.

Minister Kannababu stated that Pawan could not do politics without Chandrababu's help and it is obvious that he couldn’t leave TDP although he is going along with BJP. He slammed the Jana Sena leader for looking to politicise every aspect, and reminded him people are not going to fall for his tricks.

Further, the minister said that Pawan Kalyan has been playing cheap tricks by raising the issue of roads in poor condition. He clarified that the State government had already prepared an action plan to repair all the potholes and roads at a cost Rs 2200 crore, which will be starting soon after the monsoon. He said that Jana Senani had remained silent during the previous government which neglected the roads and brought them to this condition.

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