Khammam: Doctors Refuse to Deliver Child of Corona Positive Pregnant Woman

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Khammam: Subbalakshmi (22) is a pregnant woman from Vissanapatnam village near Thiruvooru in Andhra Pradesh's Krishna district. She was recently infected with corona. Doctors in Thiruvooru were hesitant to deliver her baby because of her corona-positive condition. In a state of disorientation, the couple burst into tears. In such dire circumstances, her husband was confused as to where to go for their child's delivery.

With the assistance of a close relative and Anganwadi teachers G. Padma and Uma R, and P. Aruna of the 59th Division Danavai Gudem Jubilee Pura Sector, Khammam district, Subbalakshmi's husband Rambabu rushed her to the Khammam Government Main Hospital.

Prashanti, a government hospital doctor, and Superintendent Venkateshwar, a government hospital superintendent, reassured Subbalakshmi, a corona-positive pregnant woman, that they will stand by her and ensure normal delivery on Saturday, making everyone happy.

Subbalakshmi and her husband Rambabu thanked the medical personnel for their assistance. Despite the fact that the patient was infected with corona, the medical professionals helped them with the delivery of the patient, and the couple thanked the doctors and nurses who showed their humane side and without hesitation.

Similar instances had been heard of earlier too. A pregnant woman from Rangareddy district who was infected with corona was rushed to various hospitals two days ago, where she succumbed to her injuries. A woman from the Siddipet district, on the other hand, was found in a similar situation.

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