Hurt by Naidu's Remark, Volunteers Resign En Masse

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Scores of volunteers resigned from their positions in Machilipatnam on Monday, expressing anguish that political parties are targeting them for simply trying to serve the people. The Machilipatnam Municipal Corporation office was flooded with volunteers who had come to tender their resignation. They submitted their resignation letters to the commissioner.

The volunteers stated they are resigning due to the hostile attitude towards them from opposition leaders like Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan, and the BJP.

Speaking to the media, they complained of being falsely accused of wrongdoing like facilitating women trafficking just for collecting data to provide services. Despite the insults and obstruction, they had endured it. However, the recent criticism was highly objectionable and the volunteers could not take it anymore.

"We are hurt that the pensions given to the poor have been halted. Elderly people have been calling us all morning," one volunteer said. The pensioners lamented having to suffer like before these volunteer welfare services existed. The mass resignations signal the volunteers' frustration at being caught in the political crossfire while just trying to assist the people.

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