Why Fear The Movie Ticket Portal, Anil Kumar Yadav Questions Pawan Kalyan

Why Fear The Movie Ticket Portal, Anil Kumar Yadav Questions Pawan Kalyan - Sakshi Post

NELLORE: Andhra Pradesh Minister For Irrigation and Water Resources, Anil Kumar Yadav questioned Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan as to why he feared the online movie ticketing platform which is being set up by the State Government. Speaking to the media on Sunday at Nellore where he had come for development works here, the Minister stated that difficulty in playing roles is the same whether it is played by Pawan Kalyan or any other actor. He said that prominent people from the film industry had discussed the online ticket portal with government officials. " What is the damage caused by it? Pawan Kalyan is only worried about his political existence. It is not appropriate for Pawan Kalyan to say that the YSRCP government is troubling the entire film industry because of him only,'' he fired. The Minister further assured that the government had no intention of troubling the film industry and all this was only Pawan Kalyan's creation.

Pawan Kalyan was speaking with the sole intention of harassing the government and these statements against Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has become a regular fashion for him, he scoffed. He said the online portal was meant for transparency as envisaged by the Chief Minister. The intention was to keep the ticket price the uniform for everyone whatever the star’s status is, he clarified. The hard work and effort are the same for one and all, Anil Kumar Yadav stated. "The Jana Sena Party won two ZPTCs, and one Mandal seat in the MPTC ZPTC elections. Very soon the party will have to wind up, " he prophesized.

Vijayanagaram: " Should the government sit and watch when they inflate the prices of movie tickets at their own will and terms and burden the people," questioned Municipal Minister Botsa Satyanarayana.

Speaking to the media on Sunday he expressed his ire at Pawan Kalyan’s critical statements against the AP Government recently. " Things were going out of control over movie tickets pricing issues. In fact, it was the film distributors themselves who had asked about the online sales of movie tickets and how it could be done. When the distributors have no issue, why is that Pawan Kalyan is troubled by it," he asked. Pawan Kalyan speaks at will and has no control over what he talks, Botsa fired. If there are any issues in the film industry they must be brought to the notice of the government, he said.

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