AP Top Cop Salutes Woman Who Offered Softdrinks To Police On Duty

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AMARAVATI: A video of a woman offering cooldrinks to police on duty amid the lockdown had recently gone viral. In the video, you can watch her have a conversation with the cops about how much she earns. The cops are thankful to her for thinking of them even though she was on a hand to mouth budget for the entire month.

Take a look at the video here:

The woman named Lokamani hails from Tuni town. On Saturday, She was in for a pleasant surprise when she learned that the Director-General of police Gautam Sawang, wanted to have a talk with her on Video conference.  The DGP Gautam Swang interacted with her and communicated about how moved he was by her generous act.

Sawang told the woman that they were very thankful for the way she showed her motherly love for the policemen. The DGP extended his heartfelt gratitude to the woman for her act of kindness. He also told her that he personally sent for his staff to find the woman, only to personally thank her.

There was applause for the woman sounded by the rest of the policemen that were witnessing the video conference.

The woman works in a nearby school and earns Rs 3500 per month.

Take a look at the video here:

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