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YS Jagan Releases Party Manifesto - Sakshi Post

Tadepalli: President of the YSR Congress Party YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released the party's 2019-Manifesto at the party's central office here on Saturday. Before releasing the YSRCP Manifesto, YS Jagan greeted the people of the two Telugu States on the occasion of Ugadi and added that the April 11 elections would mark a new chapter in the history of the state. The party's manifesto was a pointer in this direction YS Jagan said.

The YSRCP chief said that it would be relevant to dwell briefly on the TDP manifesto of 2014. He pointed out that the manifesto was missing from the party website probably because the leadership had realized that it betrayed the people of the state on all promises.

The TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu probably feared that the common folk would show him his promises, and hold him accountable by the scruff of his neck.

Recalling some of the promises made by the TDP in 2014, he said that Chandrababu Naidu had promised waiver of agricultural loans as also those of DWCRA self-help groups run by women apart from unemployment allowance, a job for every household, a state without huts, mineral water to every household and assurances to all castes and communities of various kinds.

He elaborated on how all sections of society were betrayed by the TDP.

Releasing the YSRCP manifesto for 2019, YS Jagan said that it would be implemented in letter and spirit. There would be no deception on any count, he promised the people of the state. The manifesto would be reviewed every day.

The YSRCP chief said that the party manifesto was based on the Navaratnalu. It also included suggestions from people he interacted with during the course of his Padayatra.

The manifesto committee headed by Ummareddy Venkateswarlu also took into account inputs from various leaders and members representing all social groups. The manifesto also contained many of the assurances which were a part of the BC declaration.


· The YSRCP promises to offer financial assistance of Rs 50,000 to farmers. From the second year, each farmer’s family would be given Rs 12,500 per year.

· The party also promised 9 hours of free electricity during the day, cold storage units and food processing centers in every constituency.

· Free bore wells and crop insurance for which the government would bear the cost of the premium.

· Interest-free crop loans.

· Aqua farmers would get electricity at Rs 1.50 per unit.

· Price stabilisation fund of Rs 3,000 Crore.

· Guarantee minimum support price to crops

· A calamity relief fund of Rs 4,000 Crore

· Assistance to Dairy farmers by providing Rs 4 as bonus per liter.

· Scrapping of road tax and toll tax for agricultural tractors.

· If a farmer commits suicide or dies in an accident, members of his family would get Rs 7 lakh under YSR Insurance Scheme and an act brought in so that the money does not go into the hands of creditors.

Fee Reimbursment

· Comprehensive fee reimbursement scheme, in line with late Chief Minister Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s vision.


· The Arogyasri scheme would be applicable to all medical treatments of above Rs 1,000. Regardless of the location of the hospital, all medical expenses would be borne by the government. This would apply to all whose income is under Rs 5 lakh per year.

· Those suffering from chronic diseases such as kidney ailments and Thalasemia would be given a separate pension of Rs 10,000 per month.

· Government hospitals would be revamped on par with corporate entities in two years.


· Under the scheme, lakh of families would be benefited by irrigation projects. Completion of Polavaram and Veligonda projects on a war footing is one of the priorities under Jalayagnam.

Amma Vodi

· With a view to encouraging families with school-going children, the YSRCP promises to provide Rs 15,000 towards assistance to all mothers who send their children to school under the Amma Vodi scheme.

YSR Asara

· Under YSR Asara, all loans pertaining to the women’s co-operative societies would be waived. In addition, zero-interest loans would be issued. Payment of interest amount on loans up to Rs 50,000 would be borne by the government.

YSR Cheyutha

· Through YSR Cheyutha, the YSRCP intends to support all women from SC, ST, BC and minority communities, who are aged over 45. This would amount to Rs 75,000 per woman from these communities over a period of 4 years.

Pedhalandariki Illu (Homes for the homeless)

· In five years, the YSRCP promises to build 25 lakh homes for the poor. Permanent houses to the homeless poor will be built over a period of 5 years and registered in name of the woman of the household under Pedhalandariki Illu.

The government will also take the initiative of providing an additional loan facility through banks at 0.25 paisa interest.

Pensionla Pempu

· The eligibility age criteria of 65 years for the pensions would be reduced to 60 years. Senior citizens aged above 60 would be given Rs 2,000 while the physically challenged would be given a pension of Rs 3,000 under Pensionla Pempu scheme.

Special Category Status (SCS) and village secretariats

· The party will work to achieve SCS for the state and once the objective is realized, will bring about a revolution in job creation.

· A village secretariat would be set up in every village ensuring employment to 10 youth. For every 50 homes in the village, a volunteer will be chosen who would be paid an honorarium of Rs 5,000. He would serve as a nodal point for delivery of all welfare schemes to the doorstep of the average citizen.

Ban on alcohol

· The YSRCP promises to put in place a ban on the sale of alcohol across the State in three stages. Consumption of Alcohol will be restricted to 5-star hotels.

Employment generation, subsidies and assistance

· 2,30,000 job vacancies will be filled up and the government would release a calendar on January 1 every year giving out the schedule.

· Reservation would be provided to the extent of 75% to locals in all industries and a bill would be brought to this effect.

· Skill development centers to be set up in all districts.

· Government contracts to be given to unemployed youth and an act to be brought in to this effect. 50% reservation in these contracts to be provided to BC/SC/ST and minority youth.

· Rs 75,000 crore would be allotted for BC welfare at Rs 15,000 crore per year.

· In nominated posts such as temple trust boards/ market yard committees and corporations 50% reservations would be provided to BC/SC/ST and minority candidates.

· Corporations would be set up for Sub castes under BC communities and required funds would be provided.

· Junior lawyers would get a stipend of Rs 5,000 for three years before they settle into their practice.

· Rs 100 crore to be allocated for advocates’ welfare fund.

· In case of death of a fisherman his family would receive Rs 10 lakh ex-gratia

· House sites to be given to lawyers practicing in the high court.

BC welfare

· A BC commission would be set up as a statutory body and would be made a transparent body free of political interference. This commission would take care of a variety of problems related to BCs.

· In case of the death of an individual belonging to a BC Community, Rs 5 lakh would be given to the family under YSR Insurance.

· Nayee Brahmins, tailors and Rajakas(washermen) who run small business establishments would be given annual assistance of Rs 10,000.

· BC women would be given Rs 50,000 as assistance for weddings under YSR Pelli Kanuka.

· The assistance given to fishermen would be hiked from Rs 4,000 to Rs 10,000 along with other benefits.

· Families of handloom workers with looms would get Rs 24,000 per year as assistance.

· Those in traditional occupations as also small businessmen such as street vendors would get Rs 10,000 as a loan at zero interest.

· As per Supreme Court directives, reservations cannot receive 50% in any state. Against this backdrop, the YSRCP states that it would set up a Kapu corporation with Rs 2,000 Crore per year which would amount to Rs 10,000 Crore over 5 years and ensure that the entire amount is not only allocated but also spent.

· A separate corporation for the Arya Vysya community.

Hindu temple priests

· Retirement age rule will be scrapped for priests in Hindu temples.

· A 25% hike would be given to priests in 6C temples as spelled out in the GO of March 2019.

· Temple priests would also be given an allowance of Rs 10,000 to 35,000 as wages for rituals and poojas (Based on the population of the village).

Minority welfare

· The minority sub-plan would be implemented in a transparent fashion.

· Protection for Waqf board property by digitizing records and drawing up special plans.

· Assistance of Rs 1 lakh to Muslim brides under YSR Kanuka.

· Assistance for those going on Haj pilgrimage.

· House sites for Imams

· Honorarium of Rs 15,000 per month for Imams and Muezzins in mosques.

· If a member of a Muslim family dies in an accident, the family would be paid Rs 5 lakh under YSR Insurance.

· Christian brides would get Rs 1 lakh under YSR Kanuka.

· Marriage registration process would be made easier for Pastors.

· Pastors to get an honorarium of Rs 5,000 per month.

· Assistance to Christians going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

· The family of a Christian who dies in an accident to get Rs 5 lakh as assistance.

Other Communities

· Corporations for forward castes such as Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Reddys, Kammas and others with required funds.

Welfare governance

· Transparent welfare governance cutting across castes and creed

· A comprehensive land survey to be taken up to ensure that rightful owners get their land.

· Every parliamentary constituency to be turned into a district to take governance to the people.

· Gram Swaraj as envisioned by Gandhi Ji through village and ward secretariats.

Employee welfare

· CPS to be scrapped and earlier pension scheme to be restored.

· Government employees to get 27% interim relief.

· Pay Revision Commission(PRC) recommendations to be implemented on time.

· Regularisation of jobs of contract employees to be taken up based on service.

· Justice for outsourcing on a system of same work, same pay.

· Separate cell for pensioners in each district for resolution of their problems

· Weekly off for police personnel.

· A separate cell in the District Collectorate for defense personnel/ ex-servicemen resolution of their problems.

· Employee friendly governance

· Salaries of Anganwadi and Asha workers to be Rs 1000 more than what is currently being paid by the Telangana Government.

· A favorable environment would be created for the setting up of industries by providing the necessary concessions including land, taxes, power etc.

Earlier, chairman of the Manifesto committee of YSRCP Ummareddy Venkateswarlu addressed the media and requested party president YS Jagan to release the manifesto

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