Goa to amend labour law to discourage recruitment from other states: Minister

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Panaji, May 30 (IANS) To curb the practices of recruiting workforce from other states in the industrial estates, the Goa government is planning to amend the existing labour law imposing heavy penalties to lawbreaker companies, Labour Minister Atanasio Monserrate said.

Last week, two pharma companies were forced to cancel walk-in interviews scheduled in neighbouring state Maharashtra after opposition had criticised the government.

Monserrate said that companies do not follow the law as the penalty is very low.

"Whenever any company has openings, they should first send their requirements to the employment exchange and then we can recommend them to eligible candidates. Companies fail to bring this system into practice," Monserrate said.

He said that as per labour law, those who do not obey the law are fined with mere Rs 500.

"For them, this amount is very less and hence they do not follow the law. Now, we will amend it and will impose heavy penalties," he said.

Monserrate said that he will meet Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to discuss bringing amendments.

He said that it was the duty of those Pharma companies to inform the government before publishing advertisements in Maharashtra.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Friday said that Goan youths should get permanent jobs, and if needed, current policy will be amended.

"Our intention is clear that Goan youth should get jobs and that too permanent, not temporary. It is not accepted that youths will be sacked whenever the companies want. If the existing policy needs to be amended, then we will do it in the forthcoming assembly session," Sawant said.

There are 24 Industrial estates in Goa, wherein along with locals, youths from Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states are engaged in the manufacturing units.

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