AdventureSportsinIndia - Sakshi Post
Nov 08, 2022
India is a country with a diversified demographic that provides a wide range of exhilarating adventure activities for adrenaline junkies to experience and rejuvenate themselves from the daily grind.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 08, 2022
Yes, by now you would have ticked off multiple destinations from your bucket-list. And we would like to believe that you raged through your bucket-list like never before this year - just like we did...
trafficdiversionsgolnakaamberpethyderabad - Sakshi Post
May 20, 2022
Hyderabad: The Traffic Police have issued an alert on the closure of the road between Golnaka Junction and Amberpet 6 Number Junction (on a need-to-close basis) from May 20 till the completion of the
 - Sakshi Post
May 07, 2022
New York: NYC & Company, the official destination marketing organisation and convention and visitors bureau for the five boroughs of New York City, launched a new centralis
 - Sakshi Post
May 04, 2022
The relationship between a mother and her child is one of the purest forms of unconditional love and no matter how busy we get, our mothers are always there to make time for us, support us, encourage...
 - Sakshi Post
Apr 22, 2022
Bangalore: With the summer family vacation season commencing across India, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore Airlines along with their destination partners, have announ
CherryBlossomWashingtonDC - Sakshi Post
Apr 11, 2022
A family-friendly spring break filled with free activities awaits in Washington, DC.
 - Sakshi Post
Mar 29, 2022
India restarted International flights on March 27th, to mark the marketable international flight operations from India, Singapore Airlines (SIA) on March 28
TSRTC Garuda Ticket Prices Slashed  - Sakshi Post
Feb 11, 2022
Hyderabad: The TSRTC said on Thursday that customers can now ride in AC Garuda Plus buses for the same price as AC Rajadhani buses, effective im
 - Sakshi Post
Feb 03, 2022
With the way the last year has been, we are all looking forward to better days where we can pack our bags and go back to planning vacations and exploring the world a little more.
Hyderabad Boy Gets PM Bal Puraskar For Scaling Mt Kilimanjaro - Sakshi Post
Jan 27, 2022
Hyderabad: Virat Chandra Telukunta, a nine-year-old from Hyderabad, was given the Prime Minister's Bal Puraskar in Sports for climbing Mount Kil
Sankranthi Special Train List - Sakshi Post
Jan 05, 2022
Hyderabad: The South Central Railway would run special Sankranti trains between H
Winter Destinations: 5 Best Snow Places in India for Couples - Sakshi Post
Dec 21, 2021
New Delhi: Who doesn't like it when it snows? If you, too, are looking forward to that beautiful "white winter" holiday, you've come to the right place.
 - Sakshi Post
Dec 08, 2021
New York City (November 15, 2021) — NYC & Company, New York City’s official destination marketing organization, and convention and visitors bureau for the five boroughs of New York City, invites...
From Rolls Royce to Bentley Aamir Khan Expensive Car Collection - Sakshi Post
Nov 19, 2021
Mumbai: Mr Perfectionist from Bollywood Aamir Khan is one of the most popular actors in the world, both on and off the screen.
Srinagar Joins UNESCO Network Of Creative Cities - Sakshi Post
Nov 09, 2021
SRINAGAR/NEW DELHI: Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, has been accepted into UNESCO's network of creative cities for its strong cultural culture, the international organisation...
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 27, 2021
New details came regarding travel to the US. For individuals going to the United States, the Biden administration has proposed revised international air travel rules, which will take effect on...
Inside Indian Railways Buddhist Circuit Train, Check Price of Travel and 5 Star Facilities - Sakshi Post
Oct 26, 2021
Buddhist Circuit Train: Do you want to have a nice train journey on the Indian Railways? If so, book a trip on the Buddhist Circuit Train, which claims to be as good as a five-star hotel.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 17, 2021
As the monsoon is almost ending, this will definitely be the right time to plan a long drive for Hyderabadis. Yes, despite the monsoon being the best time to visit waterfalls, it would be safer to go...
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 09, 2021
The festival of Dasara is celebrated grandly in Mysore and is popularly known as Nada Habba. This festival is celebrated in such a majestic and royal manner during the 9 days of Navratri.
Proposed Hyd-Mumbai Bullet Train To Reduce Distance From 14 Hrs To 3 Hrs - Sakshi Post
Sep 28, 2021
Hyd-Mumbai Bullet Train: Imagine being able to travel from Hyderabad to Mumbai in under three hours. This may be feasible in the not-too-distant future.
World Tourism Day 2021: Tips For Safe Travel in Covid Era - Sakshi Post
Sep 27, 2021
World Tourism Day 2021: Since 1980, the 27th of September has been designated as World Tourism Day.
Top 10 Indian Blue Flag Beaches - Sakshi Post
Sep 23, 2021
Top 10 Indian Blue Flag Beaches: On September 22, 2021, two additional beaches, Kovalam beach in Tamil Nadu and Eden beach in Puducherry, were given the ‘Blue Flag' certification.
H1B visa: US court turns down Trump-era restrictions - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2021
Hyderabad: On Wednesday (local time), a US federal judge rejected Trump-era modifications to H-1B visa restrictions, which were meant to prohibit US companies from replacing American workers with...
TSRTC Buses to be Refurbished; New Fleet to Arrive Soon - Sakshi Post
Sep 18, 2021
Hyderabad: RTC will shortly receive new buses. Because the majority of the buses are already outdated, the RTC has chosen to purchase some new buses. A total of Rs 100 crore would be invested on this...
First All-Civilian Crew Launched Into Orbit Aboard Spacex Rocket Ship - Sakshi Post
Sep 16, 2021
SpaceX Rocket Ship: The Dragon spacecraft, launched from a Falcon 9 rocket by Elon Musk, became the world's first all-civilian human mission to circle Earth.
Do Motorbikes Undergo Crash Tests Like Cars? - Sakshi Post
Sep 11, 2021
As of now, there are no legislative standards for motorcycle crash testing anywhere in the world, which makes sense when you think about it.
Hyderabad To London Non- stop Flights - Sakshi Post
Sep 09, 2021
We can enjoy a non-stop service from Hyderabad to London soon, said Air India. The first flight arrived from London to Hyderabad on Thursday and will be departing to London on Friday.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 19, 2021
The monsoons not only breathe fresh life into nature but also cover the landscape in vibrant green. While city dwellers may be unaware of this, India has a number of locations that turn lush green...
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 28, 2021
Boeing 747: Travel has become easier than before now. Gone are the days when we had to sit on a bus or a train for days to reach far off destinations. Now, aeroplanes have made travel faster and...
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 23, 2021
MMTS Train Tickets: The Local Railways have given a sweet treat to the people of Hyderabad on the eagerly anticipated MMTS services.
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 11, 2021
New Delhi: If you plan to travel by train in the near future, the mandatory negative COVID-19 RT-PCR results may not be required.
 - Sakshi Post
May 19, 2021
As people are willing to get vaccinated, they are ready to take the dose as early as possible. They are also willing to travel to other countries for this purpose. The top choice as of now in Moscow.
 - Sakshi Post
May 12, 2021
12th May 2021: The District’s two rivers, the Potomac and the Anacostia shine brightly once the warm weather of spring and summer settles on the city.
jyotirlingatemplesindia - Sakshi Post
Mar 08, 2021
Lord Shiva, in Hinduism, is regarded as a ‘Supreme’ deity! As per the religious textbook, Shiva Mahapuran, once Lord Brahma and Vishnu went to war to prove their supremacy over one other.
drivinglicense - Sakshi Post
Mar 06, 2021
In case your licence has expired, and your renewal date is approaching, you don't need to visit the RTO office anymore.
Girl Quits Job To Go Globetrotting - Sakshi Post
Sep 08, 2019
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”
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