Hyderabad Places to Visit: Things to do in Yadgarpally's Gandi Cheruvu

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By Shyamala Tulasi

Most of the Hyderabadis plan ahead to enjoy their weekends because this is the only time they get out of their busy work schedule. To help you with the planning for a beautiful family outing, we suggest you explore the Yadgarpally’s Gandi Cheruvu which is not far away from the city. 

Located at the corner Yadgarpally village, Gandi Cheruvu is one of the not so popular getaways from Hyderabad. But Gandi Cheruvu offers everything to everyone so they can enjoy their weekends to the fullest. 

Early morning view of Gandi Cheruvu attracts tourists more, and during the summer you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset near the banks of the lake. The lake is also home to some beautiful creatures like peacocks, hummingbirds, bee-eaters, and many more.

You can see the beauty of peacocks when they come to the lake to quench their thirst. It’s not just peacocks, according to the villagers, you will also encounter deadly creatures like crocodiles in the lake waters.

There is a reserve forest nearby the lake. The other sight to behold is tiny bee-eaters as these are very common on the lake. In the middle of the lake are some rocks on which you find a line of storks taking a sunbath. The villagers say it is also home to small birds including Kingfishers and Indian Rollers. This lake is also a good place for people who are looking for a bird-watching experience. 

While roaming around the Gandi Cheruvu, you can find some monkeys on their job. The reserve forest is also home to wild boars, Russell's Viper, King Cobra, Rock Python, etc.

If you are a biker then you can go cycling around the lake. On one side of the lake stands a eucalyptus tree garden and next to it is a rock. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is very close to the eucalyptus garden. And morning is the best time if one wants to swim in the lake waters. 

How to get there                                                                                                                                                              
If you reside in Hyderabad or on the outskirts, first reach the Secunderabad Railway Station and from there you can take an auto to Gandi Cheruvu. If you have a shoestring budget, you can hop into a public transport bus to Yadgarpally village. The RTC bus frequency to Yadgarpally village is quite good, so you won’t have trouble finding another bus.

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