Trisha Famous After Bathing Video, I Am Hotter Than Her And Will Expose: Sri Reddy

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Considering yourself as beautiful is a sign of confidence. It simply means accepting yourself as a unique individual and accepting yourself. But making controversial comments merely to create hype or damage other people's reputation is unacceptable. Sri Reddy is known to stay in the headlines for one reason or the other. She often targets other actors to gain publicity. The latest victim seems to be Telugu actress Trisha. Sri Reddy has made some sensational comments against the Athadu actress that have drawn the attention of netizens on social media. Sri Reddy regularly shares bold pictures of her on her FB timeline. For the past few days, she has been sharing a few pictures on social media comparing herself with an established actress in Telugu. The person we are referring to is none other than Trisha.

Sometime back, Trisha used to be the preferred choice to play the lead actress for filmmakers and she has delivered a bunch of hits like Varsham, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and a few others. Currently, she is going through a rough phase in her career. It may be recalled that a few years ago, Trisha's bathroom video got leaked and went viral on social media platforms. At the time Trisha had stated that it was a morphed video which was fabricated by miscreants. The video created quite a stir on social media. Now, Sri Reddy has raked up the issue again. She has made it a hot topic of discussion again. Taking to her facebook, Sri Reddy has made some comments against the Tamil actress. "Trisha became famous after her bathing video came out, what is there if I expose a little bit. Nothing is there in her. I'm hotter than her," he posted on her FB timeline.

Interestingly, artistes from the film fraternity have chosen to remain silent over Sri Reddy's remarks as they don't want get into a mess. It is a known fact that Sri Reddy doesn't spare anyone when she has to take pot shots. It now remains to be seen if Trisha will ignore Sri Reddy's Or react to Sri Reddy's post. Watch this space for updates.

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