Vanity Fair Posts Special Bulletin of Global Star Ram Charan and Upasana Getting Ready for Oscar Evening!

Screengrab of a video posted by Vanity Fair ( YouTube/VanityFair) - Sakshi Post

The styling and costumes that our favourite stars wear for landmark events have to be etched in our memory. What went into the attire and styling of Ram Charan for the Oscar night? Vanity Fair has done a special bulletin on the same, taking a look inside the Global Star's rituals for gratitude to begin with. 

The special bulletin titled "To The Nines" is an intimate and enjoyable watch that runs for about four minutes. In it, the 'RRR' actor shares a glimpse into his personal life, revealing that he and his wife have a unique way of staying connected to higher energy wherever they go. The pan-India action star discloses that he and his wife set up a small temple on a table wherever they travel. This helps them stay connected with the divine. 

Charan was getting increasingly anxious as the Oscar evening approached. Incidentally, Ram Charan hadn't seen his attire for the evening till the morning of the Oscar day.

The actor's suit designer is Santanu Nikhil and stylist Nikita Jaisinghani are seen explaining what went into designing custom-made attire for the Mega Power Star. "The suit and the logo are beautifully detailed," Charan says. "The symbol of Bharat on a coin is a very good idea," he adds, thanking his designer. 

As she sat getting her makeup done by her trusted artist of 10 years, Upasana expressed her hope that the makeup was waterproof. "I am gonna cry if we win the Oscar," she said. 

The million-dollar moment comes towards the end when Charan took one look at his wife's attire and exclaimed that she looked absolutely beautiful. Her husband's reaction made it all worth it.

The power couple has been making waves in the entertainment industry with their impeccable style and undeniable charisma, and their appearance at the prestigious event was highly anticipated. Given their impeccable taste and eye for fashion, the anticipation was understandable!

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