Bollywood Drug Nexus: Why Only The Names Of Heroines Cropped Up?

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The death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput gave rise to many questions. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), and Enforcement Directorate (ED) are investigating the case. After the arrest of Rhea Chakraborty, many names of actresses surfaced online. Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Namrata Shirodkar cropped up in the controversy. Now, the question is why only the names of heroines are coming into the picture. Most of the netizens are raising doubts and are commenting on why only women's names in the summons by NCB.

At times, stars need to work round the clock and they stay busy all the day. On the other hand, they have to maintain their physique which is very important for them. Unfortunately, this is an industry where the success and failure are in the public eye. So, stars struggle a lot to maintain their fame and they have to be very tough. Sometimes biggest stars face failure and the smallest actors taste huge success. Anything can happen in the world of cinema. So, they should be prepared for everything.

So, it is learned that to maintain their beauty, heroines consume drugs and some types of drugs also give a younger look. A little dose of drugs will give happiness. Small amounts of some type of drugs relieve the symptoms of headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression. In small quantities, depressants can cause a person to feel relaxed. Stars have easy access to drugs and it is said that to deal with some of the health-related problems, they will consume drugs. Reports claim that most of the heroines consume  SD, Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Ketamine, Methamphetamine and Amphetamine. LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and it gives instant happiness. It can be directly consumed or can be kept under the tongue. Just 20 to 30 micrograms is essential. Ecstasy is a more popular drug and it is also called as a love drug.

Now, coming to the question of heroes in drug case. So, far none of the heroes names cropped up. Earlier, Sanjay Dutt admitted that he had tried every drug and he described his drug phase as nine years of hell.

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