Saidabad Rape Murder Case: Telangana Police Await Forensic Report

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After the rape and murder of the six-year-old girl in Saidabad, the only suspect in the case Pallakonda Raju also died on the railway tracks on Thursday. However, the police are still on their investigation to prove that Raju was guilty of the rape and murder. This will not be an easy task for the police as the victim and the accused are not alive.

As far as the circumstantial evidence obtained, the Police are thinking that only Raju was involved in the crime. They are now speeding up the legal process to close the case as soon as possible. An official said that the police now has two tasks in front of them, one is to prove that the body found on the railway track is Raju and it was he who raped and killed the girl.

Police expect that the scientific solution for both the questions is a DNA test which they had already obtained and sent to the Telangana State Forensic Science Laboratory for matching. The police should also have to produce forensic evidence to prove Raju as accused. For this, the CLUES team has already collected the girl’s clothes to collect the semen stains.

Usually, the semen samples of the suspect will be collected after he undergoes a potency test, but now as the suspect is not alive, Raju’s semen samples will be collected from his clothes or from the DNA samples. If these samples match, then the case has a logical ending before the court. Once the FSL reports arrive, the legal proceedings of the case would start.  

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