Palvoncha Suicide Case: Vanama Raghava Arrested In Hyderabad?

Bhadradri Kothagudem TRS MLA's Son Vanama Raghavendra Rao Arrested In Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Kothagudem police Thursday, arrested Vanama Raghavendra Rao, the son of TRS MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao who is facing charges for his role in the Ramakrishna family suicide case in Palvoncha. Raghava as he is known in the district was said to be absconding after the selfie video of the victim came to light. Two special teams were formed to trace Raghavendra Rao and  he was apparently arrested by the police in Hyderabad. However, both the Hyderabad and Kothagudem police have not confirmed the arrest. Kothagudem police have pasted notices at  Raghavendra' s residence in his hometown which was locked.

It is reported that his father Venkateswara Rao handed him over to the police at the behest of TRS leaders convincing him to do so.Apparently, Raghava wanted to hold a media conference in Hyderabad on Thursday morning. However, the police, who have been in touch with the MLA since this morning, allegedly arrested Raghava before he could do so.

 A case has been registered against Vanama Raghavendra under Sections 302, 306,307 of the Indian Penal Code for murder and abetment to suicide. Police said they would file a counter-filing to prevent Raghava from getting bail.

The suicide case of the Naga Ramakrishna family had taken a new turn when the victim took a selfie video before taking the extreme step which came out in the media. The victim Naga Ramakrishna (45) a businessman accused Vanama Raghavendra Rao, of allegedly demanding sexual favours from his wife to settle a pending property issue in the family. He shared that Vanama had asked him to bring his wife to Hyderabad without the children if he expected him to resolve the property issue. Ramakrishna in the video stated that he couldn’t digest the fact that someone would ask for such favour and decided to die along with his family members because Raghavendra would not spare his family members if he died alone. He further alleged that his mother and sister also harassed him.

The case had taken a political turn when Congress leader M Bhatti Vikramarka demanded that the government immediately arrest Bhadradri Kothagudem TRS MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao's son Vanama Raghava. He along with Bhadrachalam MLA Podem Veeraiah, former MLC Potla Nageswara Rao, and other leaders visited the deceased RamaKrishana house in Palvoncha. Ramakrishna, his wife their two daughters had committed suicide by immolating themselves in their home, on Monday in an alleged suicide pact. In this incident, one daughter who sustained 80% burn injuries was admitted to the government hospital in Kothagudem. She is said to have explained the whole episode which was recorded by the Police.

Ramakrishna, his wife Srilaxmi and daughter Sahitya were cremated at the Hindu crematorium in Khammam. Unfortunately, Ramakrishna’s other daughter Sahithi also passed away while undergoing treatment on Wednesday.

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