Hyderabad Man Strangles Wife to Death After Getting Her Drunk

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Hyderabad: A horrific incident took place in Hyderabad. A couple had a love marriage. Their life together went on peacefully until some time. They even have two kids. However, recently they started having problems in their marriage, and they fought a lot. With this, the husband wanted to divorce his wife, but she refused.  Hearing this, he hatched a plan to kill his wife to get rid of her.

According to his plan, he made her drink alcohol and strangled her throat with a towel, killing her in the process. This horrific incident took place in Hyderabad near Osmania Hospital under the limits of Osmania Police Station on Monday.

According to details released by the police, the accused, Shakatwal Darshan was staying near Sitaphal Mandi party ward. He was a vegetable vendor in ECIL. He supported his family by selling vegetables.

His wife Soundarya was 25 years old. They had a habit of consuming alcohol together. They would often quarrel over something or the other. Hence, Darshan decided to divorce his wife Soundarya. But after the family elders intervened, they were staying together.

However, over the last week, Soundarya and Darshan were constantly fighting. Fed up with the daily fights, Darshan decided to kill Soundarya. According to his plan, Darshan coaxed Soundarya to consume alcohol with him at noon. After Soundarya reached an inebriated state Darshan strangled her throat and killed her.

Later, he went to the police station and surrendered himself to the authorities. Police have now lodged a complaint against Darshan and have registered a case, and are investigating.

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