Atchampet, Hakimpet Farmers Demand Return of Lands Grabbed by Jamuna Hatcheries

 - Sakshi Post

Several farmers have told the Revenue authorities that Jamuna Hatcheries, owned bt Former Minister Etela Rajender's family was built by occupying their land. They went on strike saying that the company encroached on the road without any information and did not pay the full amount for their lands.

Meanwhile, a probe on the land encroachments of Etela Rajender by the revenue officials is on in the suburbs of Achampeta and Hakimpeta villages of Medak district.

A few days earlier, notices were issued to more than 75 farmers, who found that the lands were seized in this order to explain their occupation. Many farmers responded and gave a written explanation to the Masayipet Tehsildar.

Most of them alleged that they did not sell their land but they were all occupied and roads were constructed on them. Some claimed that fences and gates were set up in their lands to make sure the farmers stayed away from their lands.

The farmers demanded that they conduct a clean survey and hand over the lands given by the government to them. Other farmers said that they had not been paid the amount for the lands they had sold

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