Abdullapurmet Twin Murder Case Solved, Husband Caught In Vijayawada

Abdullapurmet Twin Murder Case Solved, Husband Caught In Vijayawada - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The mystery behind the murder of two persons who were suspected to have been killed allegedly due to an extramarital affair was solved in one day after the Rachakonda Police on Wednesday arrested the accused Srinivasa Rao.

The victims were E.Yashwanth (22), a cab driver and Jyothi (28), a homemaker, both residents of Warasiguda in Secunderabad were found murdered in a secluded spot in Abdullapurmet in Ranga Reddy district here on Tuesday. The Abdullapurmet police booked a case and took up an investigation. Rachakonda police on Wednesday arrested Srinivasa Rao, the husband of Jyothi who had fled to Vijayawada after committing the crime.

Srinivasa Rao and Jyothi were residents of Warasiguda and had two children. She is said to have met Yashwanth who was a cab driver living in the same area. Their friendship led to an extramarital affair. After getting to know of their affair Srinivasa Rao asked her to mend her ways to which she refused. This led to clashes between them and Jyothi is said to have told that she would not leave Yashwant and wanted both of them. Vexed with her behaviour, Srinivasa Rao decided to eliminate both of them.

Srinivasa Rao then told his wife that he had no objection to her continuing relationship with Yashwanth and asked her to call Yashwanth over on Sunday night at 7 PM. The three of them reached LB Nagar on two bikes. There Jyothi met a person named Srinivas who was known to her. She is said to have purchased new shoes at a shoe store in LB Nagar and Srinivas paid Rs 3,000 for these. Through him, she made him transfer another Rs 5,000 to her husband Srinivasa Rao through GooglePay. When Srinivas left Jyothi, Srinivasa Rao and Yashwanth went towards Vijayawada National Highway on their bikes. This was recorded on CCTV cameras along the way. They had apparently bought liquor and cool drinks at a wine shop on the way. They also carried a plastic mat, an LED torchlight, and three power banks with them, with an intent to spend the night in the suburbs. The trio went to a deserted area near the Kothagudem Bridge in the Abdullapurmet mandal close to the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway.

Yashwanth and Srinivasa Rao first drank alcohol in the bushes for some time. Jyothi and Yashwanth moved to a place where they wanted to spend time together. While the two were alone, Srinivasa Rao attacked them with a stone from behind and bludgeoned their heads. While Jyothi is said to have died on the spot, Srinivasa Rao then pulled  Yashwanth who was critically injured to the side and taking a screwdriver from his bike, stabbed him in the stomach and throat multiple times and then smashed his private parts and fled from there to Vijayawada.

Abdullapurmet police who launched an investigation into the twin murders were able to identify her friend Srinivas based on the shoe store bill found in Jyothi’s handbag at the crime scene

Then through him, they took Srinivasa Rao’s phone number and checked his call details. The police’s suspicion was further raised when Srinivasa Rao did not file a missing complaint after his wife went missing on Sunday. They traced and located him at Vijayawada on the basis of his cell phone location and arrested him on Wednesday. Though he confessed that no one else was involved in the murders, police are further checking as some more technical investigation was needed. According to the police, Yashwanth’s family told the Chilkalguda police that they were not aware of his friendship with Jyothi and that he had taken his brother Aniruddh’s bike and left on it Sunday.

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