Skill-Lync Announces a Unique Course Combining Digital Commerce with Conversational AI Chatbots

Skill-Lync Founders - Sakshi Post

Skill-Lync has launched a new course for aspiring chatbot developers and business analysts.

Students from any discipline can apply.

The skillsets of chatbot developers and business analysts are in great demand across the industry today.

This course has been developed in partnership with

Chennai, 9 September 2021: Skill-Lync, India’s leading engineering education startup, announces the launch of its Masters in Digital Commerce with Conversational AI Chatbots course. This course is specially crafted for aspiring chatbot developers and business analysts. Students from any discipline can apply. The course curriculum consists of Complete Front End Development, Java Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms Using Java, Databases, Business Analyst Fundamentals, NodeJS API Development, MongoDB, and Introduction to Yellow Messenger. This programme has a course fee of Rs. 1,50,000.

With the rise of digital commerce driving the need for large-scale B2C interactions and round-the-clock customer support, companies are increasingly adopting AI-based automated solutions to ensure a good customer experience and faster turnaround times. This has created a booming demand for Chatbot Developers and Business Analysts who understand the underlying product and have the ability to drive development in line with business goals. The programme is designed to provide this expertise, providing learners with robust technology and business understanding, which are must-have traits in any business today.

Surya Narayanan PaneerSelvam, Co-Founder of Skill-Lync, said, "There is an exponential growth of AI & ML technologies in almost every sphere of industry, especially in digital commerce firms. Business analysts and chatbot developers would need to go hand in hand to analyse and redefine how businesses grow and interact with end-users. This course is specially designed for students aspiring to be dynamic business analysts and chatbot developers to plug the gaps between businesses, technology, and human interactions.", previously known as Yellow Messenger, has contributed to the programme structure and content to meet the existing business needs in the industry. Given the learning outcomes and their own talent needs, would be considering the graduates of this Master’s programme for opportunities within the company for the roles of Studio Developers and Business Analysts. is a leading CX Automation Platform with 700+ Global Enterprise Customers, with India accounting for 60% of them. They have raised the US $78.15 million in Series-C funding recently, with investors like Sapphire Ventures, Westbridge Capital, and Salesforce Ventures coming on board.

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