Harassed Woman Kills Husband With Lover’s Help

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Hyderabad: A woman killed her abusive husband, a chronic HIV and TB patient with the help of her lover. It is learned that the duo dumped the body on the outskirts of the city after killing him. The couple was arrested on Thursday after the police recovered the body.

On November 11, the police found the decomposed body of a man behind the bushes near Ankireddipally of Keesara. The cops found injuries on his head and a cloth tied to his neck. Based on the CCTV footage, the police found a mini-van at Radhika crossroads and chirala crossroads. As the vehicle's number was invisible, the visuals were sent to the Rachakonda IT team who discovered that the number was AP 13 P 9614. The police traced the address but the owner of the vehicle had sold it to another person who works in Shiva Shakti Enterprises. The vehicle was used to deliver goods belonging to the company.

In a detailed investigation, the police verified the call records and the company footage who came to know that VV Ramakrishna is the accused and purchased the van on November 1.

Rachakonda police commissioner said that Ramakrishna (21) was having an extra-marital affair with his relative, T Lavanya (22). Lavanya was married to T Durga Prasad (40). The deceased, it is learned was suffering from Tuberculosis and HIV before his marriage to Lavanya.

According to reports, Ramakrishna and Lavanya were having an extra-marital affair from the last five years and he was the one who took care of her when she was pregnant while her husband was not at home.

Lavanya learned that her husband had HIV and started avoiding him but Prasad sexually harassed her. On November 31, Prasad came to know about his wife's relationship and got into an argumenet. In a fit of rage, Lavanya took a iron pipe and hit him on his head, said the police.

Later, she packed the body into a bedsheet and threw away at city outskirts. Both Ramakrishna and Lavanya are arrested and produced before the court.

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