A Thief Is Ruling AP: YS Jagan On Data Breach Case  

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Nellore: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh YSR Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy addressed a massive gathering, Samarasankharavam at the SVGS College grounds here on Tuesday. In the run-up to the elections, a huge crowd congregated at the venue of the YSRCP meeting addressed by YS Jagan. In the context of the humongous data theft scam, the YSRCP chief observed that a thief is ruling over the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The YSR Congress Party chief said that the large crowd there and others across the state had stood by him when he remained in opposition for 9 years. "I know how much you have been troubled during this period for being loyal to YSRCP. Many of you faced lathis, police cases, and some of even lost members of your families." YS Jagan added that all illegal cases foisted on YSRCP activists and sympathisers will be lifted. He assured the massive gathering that there would be no discrimination of any kind in the roll-out of welfare schemes under under Rajanna Rajyam. The YSRCP will ensure transparency in governance, YS Jagan said.

The YSRCP chief pointed out Chandrababu has no achievements to show and therefore resorting to unlawful methods to cling to power. Chandrababu knows people will not vote for him in a fair poll and hence has resorted to manipulation of more than 59 lakh voters' names in the electoral rolls of AP. YS Jagan pointed out that he and other YSRCP leaders went to Delhi and complained to the Election Commission.
Ironically, Chandrababu accuses YSRCP of destroying the system. It is Chandrababu who gets votes deleted, bogus votes added and then cries victim, he said. He said the scale of this conspiracy can be gauged from the fact that his uncle, YS Vivekananda had to complain about his missing vote which was deleted in this unlawful manner.
YS Jagan lashed out at the TDP supremo saying that he thinks that with the help of the yellow media he thinks he can get away with anything he says.

The huge conspiracy engineered by Chandrababu and Lokesh stretched all the way from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam, he pointed out. The YSRCP chief added that data with colour photos was available only with the Election Commission. The TDP government passed on this sensitive data unlawfully to private companies which were in possession of Aadhaar data, UID data, bank account details, voter ID and other personal information. What the TDP government has done amounts to a a massive breach of data and a violation of SC guidelines. Supreme Court judgment on data breach is very clear, he reminded the huge gathering.

The TDP supremo's desperate tactics show the extent to which he can go to destroy the system. Chandrababu was a Narasura, a rakshasa or demon, he said. YS Jagan remarked that it was dangerous for a private entity to have bank account details of individuals. He cautioned them that signatures can be forged. Normally, we call such a person a thief, but here we are unfortunately forced to call him CM and his son, IT minister, the YSRCP chief said.

Posing a direct question to Chandrababu, YS Jagan asked, "why did you give this data to private companies, Bluefrog and IT Grids India?" The YSRCP chief pointed out that TDP's app Seva Mitra was developed by these companies. "How did these private entities come to possess such sensitive information?," he asked. Who owns these companies? YS Jagan observed that we find photos of these owners with Nara Lokesh
"Is data theft not a crime? Shouldn't Chandrababu be punished," YS Jagan asked.
Instead of acting in the matter, Chandrababu sends AP police using them as his personal watchmen or worse, he pointed out. YS Jagan remarked that the AP chief minister was using policemen as rowdies.

YS Jagan ridiculed Chandrababu for making tall claims such as having built Hyderabad, invented cellphone and so on. The AP chief minister talks of data as if it is his personal property, the YSRCP chief pointed out. While selling the data of the citizens of AP, Chandrababu refers to it as 'my data', forgetting that no resident of AP had given to the CM for misuse of this data in hands of private entities.

Instead of admitting that he guilty, Chandrababu cries wolf and acts like a victim, the YSRCP chief said. It is the TDP chief who gives the data to private companies and then accuses others when caught red-handed, YS Jagan pointed out.
The TDP has the audacity to blame YSRCP as if it is wrong to question manipulation of electoral rolls.

YS Jagan urged booth committee members to fan out to villages and reach out to people. They should check their own votes first and ask them to do so. YSRCP activists should also educate the masses on Navaratnalu, he exhorted the large crowd. He also asked them to be vigilant, record and report any illegal activity during election time.

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