This Was The Car’s Speed When It Went Off Biodiversity Flyover

This Was The Car’s Speed When It Went Off Biodiversity Flyover - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: An accident occurred at Biodiversity junction where an over speeding car on the biodiversity flyover lost control and rammed the divider and flew onto the road killing one lady and injuring two people who were at the auto stand. It was found that the accident was due to an overspeeding car that was at a speed of 104 Kmph as against the prescribed speed limit of 40 kmph.

The city traffic police advised the public to follow self-discipline and stick to the traffic rules for the safest travel

. Pedestrians are not allowed on the flyover

. Maximum speed on the flyover is 40 Kmph

. No one should stop on the flyover for selfies and other dangerous activities

.Over speeding case being booked against the vehicles violating the maximum speed of 40 kmph using a new software based on CCTV footage.

Here is a tweet that the Cyberbad Police had released in view of the accident:

Hyderabad City Traffic Police requested the public to follow rules strictly and exhibit more discipline and sense of responsibility while driving on the roads.

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