Monal Should Avoid Akhil And Stick To Abijeet If She Wants To Win: BB4 Telugu Fans

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Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is getting competitive among the housemates. There’s no denying the fact that all the contestants are purring their best foot forward to survive in the game and performing well in the task. Akhil has a special connection to Monal, they are seeing hugging and kissing in the show. Recently, Monal put up a brave fight for captaincy as she stayed for a long time holding Harika on her shoulders. As you all know, Dethadi Harika became captain of the house due to her. That’s not all, she got the highest voting on Friday for her performance in the captaincy task.

If not, Monal would have get eliminated this week but her performance in the captaincy task changed her graph in one night. As we have already told you, equations are not constant in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Akhil-Monal’s relationship is one of the proof to it. Netizens are suggesting Monal should avoid Akhil as he is distracting her from the game and stick to Abijeet which might also help her to be in the top five finalists of this season. It would be better, if Monal plays her own individual game without being neither of the sides. So that, she can’t blame anyone if she loses the battle. 

All Monal fans out there, this piece of news is for you. Monal has been saved from this week eviction. Lasya Manjunath is all set to leave the house in tonight’s episode. Watch this space for more updates.

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