Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Gangavva Vs Monal Gajjar

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 has been grabbing eyeballs ever since its premiere. The show has entered in the third week and it is being hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

The contestants are walking the extra mile to entertain their audience and they are making show lovers hook to the screens with their performances. Any Bigg Boss reality show will usually have catfights and people will lose temper in some or the other. Some sections of people are debating on social media that Bigg Boss Telugu show organizers are showing bias towards contestant Gangavva. Monal fans are demanding that show makers treat everyone equally. All contestants are competing for the winner title, however, we don’t know who will be the ultimate winner of the show.

Recently, a clash happened between Gangavva and Monal Gajjar. Gangavva lost her temper and broke a chair in anger. Show makers are believed to have ignored that incident. In case, if Monal did the same, they would have questioned her. Monal fans are demanding and requesting show organizers to treat everyone equally without any bias. Rules should be the same for all the housemates, they say.

Fans are asking since Bigg Boss punishes people who cross their limits in the house, why are they not questioning Gangavva for her action. Monal fans went on to say instead of sending Noel to Jail, Bigg Boss should have sent Gangavva into jail. Monal fans are trolling Gangavva heavily on social media and urging show organizers not to give any special treatment to Gangavva.

Meanwhile, take a look at the tweets which we have gathered for our readers:

Who wouldn’t wait for the weekend's episode because Akkineni Nagarjuna will be returning to enthrall all of us. In tonight's episode, Nagarjuna might be furious over contestants for not taking games seriously even after telling them to be serious about it. Let us wait and watch who will get brickbats and bouquets from Nagarjuna. Don’t forget to watch this space for more updates.

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