Who Did Hyderabadis Vote For In GHMC Elections 2020? Check Public Opinion On Municipal Polls Results

 - Sakshi Post

Voters of Hyderabad once again reminded unconcerned about voting in the recently concluded Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.  The officials announced late Tuesday night that the final voter tunrout was 46.6 per cent.  In 2016, it was 45.71 per cent and in 2009, it was 42.04 per cent. Polling started on a very dull note and just 3.96 per cent of voters cast between 7 am and 9 am.  All the three parties, TRS, BJP and AIMIM campaigned heavily but it didn't translate into votes on election day.

The working president of TRS, KTR made an appeal to the people to vote for the party that works for the development of the state. This time, the top leaders from BJP conducted rallies and meetings in Hyderabad ahead of GHMC polls. Adityanath, Amit Shah and other leaders participated in rallies and campaigns and told people to vote for the party that would change the lives of people. Here are some of the tweets in which one could know about the people's opinion on Municipal polls.

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