TRS Must Build Pressure on Centre for MSP, Says Jeevan Reddy

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Congress senior leader Jeevan Reddy on Friday wrote a letter to Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao demanding the state government should build pressure on the centre for a minimum support price (MSP) on paddy. In his letter, he mentioned that if centre can't do that then it has to take the entire responsibility. 

He also added that district administrations should take care of the millers so that they won't cause any problem to farmers at rice mill points during the procurement of paddy. 

He also demanded that transportation facilities should be set in place for farmers. He said that extra charges shouldn't be laid on the farmers. Jeevan Reddy said that both the centre and state governments are not coming to any conclusion regarding the procurement of paddy and are passing comments on each other. Farmers are suffering a lot due to the irresponsible behaviour of both centre and state.

He quoted, "Farmers should have the freedom to produce crops of their choosing. But due to the inability of the state government to provide the minimum support price to farmers, they are forced to produce what the government wants them to. Such restrictions will lead to the detriment of farmer welfare."

It is all known knowledge that TRS is demanding the centre to procure paddy from Telangana in Rabi. The pink party is going to raise the issue of paddy procurement in Parliament.

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