Sircilla Girl Gangraped After Offering Her Sedative Laced Cool Drinks, Blackmailed With Rape Video

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A student pursuing her intermediate course was gangraped in Rajanna Sircilla district. Four teenagers gangraped an Inter student. She was tortured and sexually assaulted for three days. The atrocity was also videotaped on a cell phone.

As per the details available, a 16 year old girl was doing her Intermediate course in Yellareddypeta Mandal in Sircilla district. The girl was spotted by a young man next door. He trapped her with his sweet words and made contact with her. Pretending to be friendly, he got close to her. 

Three days ago, he took the girl to a house saying that there was a birthday party. He was accompanied by three other young men who were addicted to marijuana. At first, they all seemed innocent and talked well. Later, they made the girl consume a cool drink laced with sedatives. 

After that, when the girl went into a state of unconsciousness, she was stripped naked and photos and videos were taken of her nude body. 

Soon as she woke up, they showed the obscene pictures and threatened her asking her to cooperate with them. The girl was forcibly raped after she refused to give in to their demands.

For three days, the four young men sexually assaulted her. The boys also videographed pornographic scenes. That's not all, they even threatened to post the videos on social media if the matter came out.

The parents were worried about their daughter not  being seen for three days. However, the girl's parents also came to know about this. They also directly threatened the girl's parents. The parents lodged a complaint with the police on Tuesday. Police have registered a case and are investigating. They are also on the lookout to find the culprits who are now absconding.

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