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HYDERABAD: The present revision in the market values of real estate properties in the entire Telangana State within a span of six months has come into effect from  February 1st , 2022. With effect from 22.07.2021, the revision of Market values increased by the government from 33% to 100%, the stamp duty on transfer of property deeds was increased from 4% to 5.5%, and the registration charges was increased from 6% to 7.5%.

Now with the latest revision, the land rates in posh Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills have gone up further.

Check out the rates here:

Jubilee Hills Road No: 1 to Rama Naidu Studio, Maharaja Agrasen Junction, Jubilee Hills Road No: 10, Jubilee Hills Road No: 36, Road No: 45, Road No: 71, Road No: 78, Road No: 82 and in Road No 92, the rate of commercial land has gone up by Rs 7,600 and is now at Rs 93,000 per square yard. Earlier, the price was at Rs 84,500.

The market value of residential space in Jubilee Hills has also increased. In the past, the rate was at Rs. 58,500, Now with the latest increase in fees, it is pegged at Rs. 64,400.

Until recently, the market value of a yard in Prashasan Nagar was Rs. 58,500 and now it is valued at 64,400.

The market value of Panjagutta, Srinagar Colony, and on the Satya Sai Nigamagam Road has increased from Rs. 78 thousand to Rs. 85,800.

In Banjara Hills Road No: 12 MLA Colony, the value of a square yard was Rs. 58,500 and is now valued at Rs 64,400.

The market value of Nandi Hills in Jubilee Hills and Nandagiri Hills has gone up from Rs 58,500 to Rs. 64,400.

The market value of land from Journalist Colony Circle to Andhra Jyothi office is now Rs 93,000.

The market value of the land at Huda Heights is now Rs 64,400.

Land near Women's Co-operative Society in Jubilee Hills is now Rs. 64,600.

The market value of Jubilee Hills MP, MLA Colony is now Rs 64,400.

The market value in OU Colony is now valued at Rs 27,600 while it was Rs. 24,000 earlier.

Film Nager land rate is now at Rs 64,400 while it was Rs 58,500 earlier. The market value of land at Road No 12 (NBT Nagar) in the past was Rs. 54,750 and is now increased to Rs. 60,300.

Nandinagar on Banjara Hills Road No. 14 was worth Rs. 54,750 and increased to Rs 60,300.

Banjara Hills Road No: 1 from Panjagutta Junction to Masab Tank the market value has increased to Rs 93,000.

Banjara Hills Road No. 10 -Rs. 93,000 Banjara Hills Road No. 11 -Rs. 60,300, Banjara Hills Road No.12 - Rs. 93,000 Banjara Hills Road No.13 – Rs.63,300. Road No: 14 Agrasen Junction- Rs.93,000.

Value in Banjara Hills Road Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Market Value is at Rs. 60,300 per square yard. Shaukatnagar, Zaheeranagar, Sriramnagar Singadikunta  has increased to Rs.60,300.

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