Kadaknath Chicken Price in Hyderabad Up: What Makes It So Expensive?

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Most of the people love to eat Chicken and we all know that Chicken is rich in proteins. Here is a special chicken which contains low fat content - Kadaknath chicken. Now, it is available in Hyderabad and the meat is sold at Rs 1,000 to Rs 1200 per kg The cost of live bird is Rs. 850 a kg.

According to the reports, this breed of Kadaknath Chicken is said to have originated from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Tribal communities show much interest in rearing the fowl. Generally, the meat from this fowl is black in colour and the eggs are brown with a slight pinkish shade. Normally, regular broilers take 45 days to get to normal weight but Kadaknath chicken takes six to eight months to gain normal weight. So, this might be the reason for high price in the chicken. It is said that the cost of breeding is around Rs. 500 per bird and it consumes nearly 100 grams of feed every day. 

Vineesh Goud, partner in Kadaknath Chicken Farms speaking to Telangana Today said that they are growing more than 4,000 Kadaknath birds at a farm in Vikarabad and are supplying to the outlets in Hyderabad. One more thing is that the cost of Kadaknath egg is around Rs.30 and is believed to be good for elderly people and high blood pressure patients. A farmer said that hatching of Kadaknath eggs is quite difficult. The demand is high in the market but the production is low, so the price of eggs is high.

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