Hyderabad's Durgam Cheruvu Water Getting Polluted

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Hyderabad: A study by researchers from Mahindra University and the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad found that Durgam Cheruvu lake is contaminated with large amounts of pollutants, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, steroids, hormones, and even cocaine.

The study found that the major pollutant in the lake is pharmaceuticals, which make up 50% of the contamination. Other major pollutants include metabolites (9%) and herbicides (8%).

The researchers believe that the pollutants are coming from two main sources which are effluents from pharmaceutical units in the area, and domestic wastewater from the Madhapur and Jubilee Hills neighborhoods. The pollutants are harmful to both human and aquatic life. They can cause a variety of health problems, including cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders. They can also kill fish and other aquatic animals.

The findings of the study have raised concerns among environmentalists in Hyderabad. They are calling for the government to take action to clean up the lake and prevent further contamination.

It is important to take action to clean up Durgam Cheruvu lake as soon as possible. The longer the lake is left polluted, the more damage it will do to human and aquatic life.

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