Attention Hyd Tipplers! No Orders After 11PM, 1 Hour Grace Period On Weekends In Pubs and Bars

Hyderabad CP CV Anand Guidelines For Pub and Bar Owners  - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad:  City Police Commissioner CV Anand on Friday, held a meeting with the more than 100 owners of pubs, bars & restaurants, and drive-in restaurants in the CP conference hall today over various issues related to drugs use, sound pollution, and other complaints related to the conduct of the pubs and bars in the city.  

This was necessitated in the wake of the recent drugs case where cocaine was found in the Pudding Mink and Pub premises, frequent complaints being reported from residents on the sound pollution, parking congestion, and misbehaviour by drunken people.

The CP first briefly shared the internal reports, and complaints received from the public on various pubs and bars in the city. CV Anand laid down the prevailing laws and norms over the conduct of their business which will henceforth be restarted with immediate effect.

- The managements were instructed not to allow under-aged persons into pubs and bars and and to restrict the sound levels.

- The managements were also asked to Install CCTVs with 30 days backup & dedicated team to monitor, soundproof the premises, engage valet drivers to avoid drunken driving, and frisk staff and customers.

-Stringent action will be initiated on erring managements who resort to illegal activities.

-Orders received beyond 11 pm shouldn’t be accepted and the establishments should be closed by 12am.

- Except on Friday,Saturday  grace period of one and half hours will be given to settle accounts and  clean premises

- Customers can be politely notified by dimming the lights prior to 10 minutes of closing, a common practice in developed countries.

- The spirit of according permission to the star-rated hotels (four-star and above) to serve liquor for 24 hours is in view of its international travelers or delegates, but not for the general public.

Adhering to the priority laid down on ease of doing business by the state government, we will soon facilitate an option online on our website through which you can apply for renewals and other licenses and there shall be minimum interaction and no harassment by the police, he assured.

“Let Hyderabad be known as the safest city in the world and not as a place where drugs are also easily available and let us work together in this, “ the Commissioner appealed.

He also urged them to run their businesses in a responsible manner and decrease inconvenience to the residents.

Addl.CP(Crimes & SIT), A.R.Srinivas; Jt.CP (Admin), Ramesh, DCPs of all zones and other police officers attended the meeting.

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