Tomato Flu Reported in Kerala, Tamil Nadu Sets-up Screening Centre on Border

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A rare viral disease called “Tomato flu” or “Tomato fever” has been detected in Kerala even as the southern state is grappling with the food poisoning issue caused by shigella bacteria

According to the local media reports, over 80 children under the age of five were affected with this disease and all the cases have been reported from Kollam district. Kollam, Neduvathur, Anchal, and Aryankavu areas are badly affected by the viral disease. 

With the outbreak of “Tomato flu” in Kerala, the Coimbatore district administration has increased surveillance on the border to prevent the spread of disease into the state. The health department of Tamil Nadu is establishing a camp at the Walayar checkpost on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala to screen people entering the district from the neighbouring state. The team of medics will screen the cross-state travellers for fever, rashes and other communicable diseases. 

What is “Tomato flu”?

Tomato flu is a rare viral disease which causes red-coloured rashes, skin irritation and dehydration. The disease is called Tomato flu because the blisters it causes looks like tomatoes. The flu  affected children below five years of age. 

What are the symptoms of “Tomato flu”?

Skin irritation, rashes, red spots on hands and legs, fever, dehydration, blisters, cough and cold, diarrhoea are the symptoms of Tomato fever.

What steps need to be taken for prevention?

When you see any symptom in a child, you should consult the doctor immediately.

  • Try to keep the kids hydrated by making them drink boiled water
  • Keep the bed clean and don’t let the kids scratch the blisters formed by the flu
  • Keep the infected child in isolation as this disease may spread from one person to another

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