Indians Can't Unmask Like Americans Even After Vaccination

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The country is pacing up its vaccination drive now. With Covaxin, Covidshield and other vaccine getting approval in India, the nation is trying to vaccinate everyone now. Many above the age of 45 are done with both the vaccine doses. They are indeed relatively safer now, but it doesn’t mean you can completely ignore all the Covid regulations.

Basic norms like wearing a mask, social distancing and other such common regulations are to be followed. AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria shared the details regarding those who are fully vaccinated and what they must do now.

The virus is always mutating, with the new strain spreading across the country, it is not possible to say if a person is fully protected from it. The vaccine can protect you from these virus variants but you are not fully immune. There is only so much that a vaccine can do.

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The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US confirmed that the citizens there are now free from everything. They can roam around without a mask and go about their daily regular activities like before. But that is not the case with India. Medical experts have shared that you cannot be so complacent just yet.

You have to be cautious as the virus is mutating. Further research needs to be done before anything is confirmed. Medical experts cannot say just yet that the vaccine will protect you from the mutated strain. So keeping that in mind, it is best to continue wearing masks and following the social distancing rule.

The Union Health Ministry said that they will continue to advise people on following COVID norms. With the second wave spread across the country, it is best to stay cautious.

As of now, the gap between two vaccine doses is increasing by the day due to shortage in the country. Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech have announced that the production of their vaccines will be increased by August. They have also sent their four-month production schedule to the Centre.

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