Kuki tribals accuse Meitei of ethnic violence, reiterate separate state demand

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Imphal, June 8 (IANS) The Kuki tribals in Manipur have again reiterated their demand to create a separate administration, equivalent to a separate state for them, even though the Central and state governments, on a number of occasions, rejected any division of the northeastern state.

The Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), an apex body of the Kuki tribals, in a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, claimed that the ongoing violence in Manipur was a pre-planned ethnic cleansing campaign against the Kuki community by the majority Meiteis and this has become clearer day by day.

KIM General Secretary Khaikhoradh Gangte, in the letter, alleged that during a recent interview to media, Meitei Leepun chief Pramot Singh made a damning revelation that he and his organisation were in the know about the "genocide" being planned against the Kuki people.

"How the hate campaign against the Kuki people transformed into ethnic cleansing under a very communal government was also very clear through the contents of the interview given by Meitel Leepun chief Pramot Singh," Gangte said and demanded to declare the Meitei Leepun as outlawed organisation.

The KIM said that in the interview, "filled with hatred and malice against the Kuki people, Pramot Singh categorically issued a stern warning to the Kuki people that the Meiteis are still discussing among themselves on how to go about annihilating the Kuki people".

Demanding arrest of Pramot Singh, the KIM said: "The enemy to them is the Kuki community and living together with a group of people who want to annihilate us is impossible. Hence, the urgent need for total separation from Manipur where the Kuki community can live peacefully as dignified Indian citizens, living in their ancestral lands under the Constitution of India."

A week after the ethnic violence started in Manipur, 10 MLAs belonging to Kuki tribals (including seven ruling BJP members) demanded a separate administration equivalent to a separate state for the tribals in Manipur.

After the May 3 and the subsequent ethnic violence, all the 10 MLAs belonging to the Kuki community have accused the N. Biren Singh government of "failing miserably" to protect the community. Therefore, they have resolved to pursue a "separate administration under the Constitution of India and live peacefully as neighbours with Manipur".

Both Biren Singh and Amit Shah, after his four day Manipur visit, categorically rejected the separate state demand for the tribals.

The tribals constitute around 37 to 40 per cent of the total 2.72 million population (as per the 2011 census) of Manipur.

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