Hyderabad Weather Report: These Localities Have Lowest Temperatures

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Winter is yet to set in all its glory in Hyderabad. The day temperatures in the city are still a few degrees above normal. However, the temperatures at night are slightly below normal.

The maximum temperature on Wednesday was 30.5 degree Celsius, which is 1.7 degrees above normal

The minimum temperature was 0.9 degree Celsius which is below normal at 13.8 degree Celsius.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Hyderabad Officials said, as the city is receiving easterly winds, the temperature will rise by one or two degrees over the next few days. The maximum temperature will be 32 degree Celsius. If they are northerly winds the temperatures will go down.

Last year, even after December 15 the minimum temperature was around 18-20 degree Celsius because of easterly winds. Normally, Hyderabad receives northerly winds every year which results in the drop in temperature levels.

According to the Telangana State Development Planning Society, the lowest minimum temperature on Wednesday, of 11.8 degrees Celsius, was recorded in BHEL, followed by 12.8 degree Celsius in Rajendranagar and 12.9 degree Celsius in Macha Bollaram in Alwal.

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