Hyderabad Vehicles With MLA, MP Stickers Under The Radar

Hyderabad Vehicles With MLA, MP Stickers Under The Radar - Sakshi Post

A special drive has been launched against vehicles with MLA and MP stickers.

Three days after an SUV bearing an MLA sticker struck a gathering of street sellers, killing a two-year-old kid and injuring four others, the drive was launched.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police started a special drive on Sunday targeting cars with unlawful MP, MLA, police, and press stickers, as well as four-wheelers with tinted windows and irregular number plates.

At numerous critical traffic crossings in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, teams of traffic police officers were observed inspecting automobiles.

The drive was begun three days after an SUV bearing an MLA badge struck a gathering of street sellers in Jubilee Hills, killing a two-year-old kid and wounding four others.

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TRS MLA's Cousin Owns The SUV

The SUV belongs to TRS MLA Bodhan Amir Shakil's relative. The vehicle's driver, Syed Adnan Ahmed, was eventually detained. He was joined by Rahil, the son of the MLA, and Maaz, another young man.

Following the event, authorities were on the lookout for vehicles in the city with stickers with the names of MPs, MLAs, corporators, police officers, and journalists. According to the police, cars wearing stickers on their number plates will face penalties under the Motor Vehicle Rules.

During the investigation, police discovered that vehicles bearing MP and MLA badges were being used even though the public representatives were not travelling. An MLA sticker was taken off a car on one such occasion. The sticker was given to a member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Concerned about the rising number of accidents in and around the city, the police have initiated a specific campaign against the tinted glass and misaligned licence plates.

According to Supreme Court rulings, action would be taken against car owners who use tinted glass, according to Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic A. Venkata Ranganath.

Car Glass With A Black Film

The black film will not be allowed to be used on automobile glasses. He made it plain that no one would be excused save those who fit into the "Z" and "Z plus" security classifications.

Meanwhile, Anjani Kumar, a senior IPS officer and the Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), has urged residents to promote a culture of safe road usage.

"Road safety is most important as more than 40 lakh people travel every day in Hyderabad and surroundings. It is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure a better culture of safe road usage. Together, we all can make Telangana a better and happier place," he tweeted.

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