Poor Reviews for Baahubali: Crown of Blood, Fans Hurt!

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Baahubali: Crown Of Blood is a disappointing animated series that fails to live up to the epic grandeur of the original Baahubali films. The storyline is lackluster and predictable, devoid of the depth and intrigue that made the live-action movies a success. The characters, especially Baahubali and Bhallaldev, feel one-dimensional, and their confrontations with the new villain, Kaaldoot (Raktadev), lack the intensity and drama that fans might expect.

The visuals, while decent, do not come close to the breathtaking effects seen in the original films, and the animation style feels dated and uninspired. The background music is forgettable and pales in comparison to MM Keeravani’s iconic score from the films, failing to evoke any emotional connection or excitement.

Moreover, the voice performances are mediocre at best, failing to bring the characters to life or convey the epic scale of their adventures. Rajamouli's involvement seems superficial, as the series lacks his signature touch and directorial prowess.

Overall, Baahubali: Crown Of Blood is a weak addition to the franchise, offering little more than a shallow, uninspired retread of a once-glorious saga. Skip this one and rewatch the original films instead.

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