People Actually Wanted To Stop Vidya From Doing Dirty Picture

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Vidya Balan has become a box office star who can carry women-centric films on her shoulders. Her films except for Kahani, The Dirty Picture did not really collect huge numbers but many did put up good openings considering their budgets.

The actress is completely aware of the fact that producers go after box office rather than artistic pleasures and she chooses scripts keeping all the parameters in her view point.

She herself said this in one of her interviews to promote Shakuntala Devi, her new film that released on OTT. She talked about various aspects that she takes in consideration while accepting scripts and said that at times she goes by her heart demands.

When she got offer to play Silk character in The Dirty Picture, she did not debate and decide but wanted to star in it right away. She revealed that many wanted to stop her from doing the film and even asked her to look at her image as neighborhood girl before putting everything on the line, for the film.

But her parents supported her decision and they asked her to do what she feels right.  Hence, she went for it. While talking about the film she took a dig at Favouritism in Bollywood and said that she doesn't feel Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the film, chose her due to their long term friendship.

Balan said that she feels Ekta Kapoor looked at all possible business issues and then decided to give her the opportunity than just randomly decide to take a chance with her.

Well, The Dirty Picture success gave Vidya Balan all the space to try out different films like Shakuntala Devi, without having any doubts and hence, we can't complain about producer's choice, can we?

These comments have become important because even Ekta Kapoor is slammed on many occasions in this on-going debate about favouritism shown by producers in Bollywood.

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