NTR Wins Trainer's Heart with Birthday Celebrations

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Legendary actor Jr. NTR took a break from filming the highly anticipated action movie "War 2" to celebrate his fitness trainer's birthday. NTR arranged a small birthday party on the Mumbai set for his trainer Kumar Mannava, who helps the actor maintain his muscular physique for physically demanding roles.

During the celebrations, NTR fed Mannava a piece of healthy zucchini cake, thoughtfully keeping in mind Mannava's dietary restrictions. The trainer was touched by NTR's kind gesture and posted a photo from the event on social media. "NTR exemplifies humility and love," Mannava wrote. "I am touched that he remembered my birthday and got a cake tailored to what I eat."

The Telugu superstar is renowned for treating his staff and associates with great respect. He often celebrates their special occasions and showers them with gifts. NTR has worked closely with Mannava while preparing for action films like the blockbuster "RRR," in which he performed numerous risky stunts.

In recent years, NTR has emerged as one of India's biggest action stars. In addition to "War 2," he also has the movie "Devara" lined up that will feature him doing impressive action sequences. His dedication to fitness allows him to pull off these physically grueling roles.

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