Critics And Audiences Make Sadak 2 Memorable But..!

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Sushanth Singh Rajput's death by suicide has brought a big moment against nepotism in Bollywood. People started disowning star kids and big producers like Karan Johar.

Sadak 2 trailer became the most disliked one on YouTube ever and now, the film became the lowest rated film on IMDB for Alia Bhatt & other cast members.

As a continuation to his famous critical and commercial success, Sadak, director Mahesh Bhatt wanted to make this film with Sanjay Dutt, adding Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapoor to the cast. 

Critics panned the movie and stated that it belongs to a club of dishonorably torturous films. Most of them criticised the choice of scenes, writing and even performances too. 

Audiences have also joined them. With more than 10k votes on IMDB, the movie ended up with an all-time low rating of 1.1/10. This is the lowest for any Bollywood film. IMDB alows audiences to vote anonymously and such negative feedback on any film is unprecedented. 

On one hand, Bhatt family is facing allegations of mis-guiding Rhea Chakraborthy kind of young talent in the Industry and on the other, the films from them also seem to not work their magic like before. Truly, torrid times for the family. 

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