BTS Army ReJigs Jin's Super Tuna With Ranveer Singh's Tattad Tattad

BTS ARMY combines Jin's Super Tuna with Ranveer Singh's Tattad Tattad dance moves - Sakshi Post

BTS ARMY who are diehard fans of the Korean band- the Bangtan Boys never fail to seize an opportunity to show their love for the BTS members!

Recently a BTS member Jin aka Kim Seokjin's celebrated his birthday on December 4. The Mr. Worldwide Handsome as he is known wrote a special song for the ARMY, a bop called Super Tuna a month ago. The song professed Jin's love for fishing and his dance moves and the song is simply adorable and super catchy.

Now one very creative fan decided to rejig the song with an Indian twist and edited the song with a Bollywood tune and it was none other than Ranveer Singh’s Tattad Tattad ( Ramji Ki Chaal Dekho)  song from Ram Leela.

The edit was a super hit among the BTS Army members as Ranveer Singh’s energetic dance moves matched the Super Tuna beats perfectly which was very deftly edited by the fan. The BTS fans were quite impressed and comments ranged from simply wholesome to amazing  and that they were impressed with the fan-made edit!

Check out the video here:

Meanwhile the K-Pop septet - comprising J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V - announced they were taking an extended break and  for  some time to "recharge" after completing their 'Permission To Dance On Stage' and 'Jingle Bell Tour' commitments.

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