BTS Jin Embarrassed As Super Tuna Challenge Goes Viral

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BTS ARMY are having the time of their lives dancing to the tunes of ‘Super Tuna’ by member Jin. On the occasion of his birthday (December 4), the eldest member of the group released a song. The song is only 1 minute long but has a catchy child-like trot tune which has now gone viral on Tik Tok and other social media platforms.

Seokjin made a surprise announcement of this song during his birthday Vlive. He was shy and giggly while speaking about it, sharing that it is something very ridiculous. Super Tuna is inspired by the singer’s fondness for fishing.

Fans loved the song and started making edits to it. Many shared their own videos under the 'Super Tuna Challenge'. As it has a fun and simple choreography, even kids can be seen grooving to it. But this is not what Jin had expected. He is rather embarrassed.

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“No, why are you doing the Super Tuna Challenge, when there are so many songs you can choose. If it becomes a bigger deal, the company might want to make a second verse…” he shared on Weverse.

In another post earlier he wrote, “no but please don't do a super tuna challenge that i have not planned. No I’m so embarrassed.”

Well, even if Jin didn’t intend on the song becoming a hit, he cannot help it now as it has already gone viral on every platform. There are many edits with ‘Super Tuna’ playing in the background, including a few Bollywood edits.

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