Nellore Murder Suicide: Police Trace Place of Gun Purchase by Techie

Nellore Murder-cum-suicide Case:  Police Trace Where Gun Was Purchased By Techie - Sakshi Post

NELLORE: Post the shocking incident, where 35-year-old techie, gunned down a woman, and later shot himself to death at Tatiparthi village, near Podalakur, in Nellore district, on Monday, left the town folk and the police baffled as to how the gun had come into his hands.

The police who commenced investigation after the incident seized Suresh Reddy’s cell phones. Based on his call data it was clear that Suresh had preplanned the attack. Suresh a techie from Bengaluru was working from home for the past one and half year.Police had discovered that he had stayed in Bihar for more than 20 days last year based on the calls, messages and whatsapp chats.

He is said to have bought the pistol in Bihar and they also traced from where he had purchased the firearm and ammunition. Going by the nature of the fatal incident, the police had come to a preliminary conclusion that it was a well-planned attack on the part of Suresh.

Nellore Superintendent of Police (SP) Ch Vijaya Rao who was handling the probe said that a police team was sent to Bihar on Tuesday and they are likely to bring back the person who sold the 7.5mm firearm to Suresh.

As per reports the magazine had a capability of holding 9 bullets in it, but it had only 7 bullets.

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When Suresh first shot Kavya she missed and he said to have fired another three rounds which failed and with fifth round he managed to shoot the victim in the head. Suresh Reddy after leaving her house is said to have gone to a godown and shot himself which was the sixth bullet, leaving only one bullet in the magazine. Police had seized the bullets used in the shootout from the scene of crime and also the revolver from near Suresh’s body.

Both bodies were shifted to the Nellore Government Hospital for autopsy. The post mortem and panchanama was conducted under the supervision of Atmakur DSP Venkateswara Rao. As a precaution a police picket in Taiparthi town was set up to avoid any untoward incidents between the deceased families.

Suresh reportedly developed friendship with Kavya while working in an IT firm in Bengaluru. Both were working from home since the outbreak of COVID. As per reports some differences were said to have cropped up between the two recently. Suresh’s family members informed the police that he wanted to marry Kavya, but Kavya and her parents reportedly rejected his proposal due to the 12 year age gap.

Unable to come to terms with her rejection, he   entered her bedroom on Monday afternoon when she was working. He pushed aside Kavya’s sister and then shot her in the head with the gun from a very close range. She succumbed  to her injuries while being taken in the ambulance to the Hospital by the  Podalakur police.

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