MP Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju's Case on Misuse of Phone Frivolous And Untrue, AP CID

AP CID says Raju’s Calls Narsapuram MP RR Krishnam Raju's complaint with Delhi police  as frivolous - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation (AP CID) clarified that the allegations made by Narasapuram Rebel MP Kanumuru Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju that they had had unauthorisedly confiscated his cell phone were completely untrue and that he had filed frivolous complaints with the Delhi Police as another form of propaganda against the CID. 

The AP CID released a statement on Monday saying the phone seized from the MP was in the custody of the AP Forensic Science Laboratory (APFSL)  since May 18 and that the CID has no access to it.

The rebel YSRCP MP had earlier lodged a complaint with the Delhi police against AP CID  chief PV Sunil Kumar alleging that the phone confiscated during his arrest on May 14 was being used to send offensive messages to others. He stated that his mobile phone was not shown as a seized property by the CID.

In response to his claims, the AP CID said the mobile phone of the MP was seized as per procedure and a seizure memo was prepared in the presence of witnesses on May 15 as it was an important piece of evidence in the case. They said that when the seizure memo was prepared, Raju himself admitted that the iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phonAP CIe carried an Airtel SIM with number 90009 11111. “At that point, there was no way the officer could ascertain what the actual number was and had recorded what was told to him by Raju, the statement said. The CID in its statement said that the mobile phone was sealed in front of two witnesses and the report of the same was forwarded to the concerned jurisdictional magistrate of the CID court in Guntur.

Further, the mobile phone in the sealed cover was forwarded to the APFSL on May 18 for preliminary analysis and final report. Every development is being reported to the court. In this regard, a dump of the phone was submitted to the court on May 27 and processed dump data (images) was submitted to the court on May 31, the CID stated. The final report from FSL is awaited and it would be possible to establish the SIM number in the cellphone of Raju only after getting the report, the statement read.  The YSRCP rebel MP was arrested on May 14 from his Hyderabad residence on charges of Sedition by the AP CID and was later granted bail by the Supreme Court.

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