Medak Case: Police Investigating The Identity of Driver Found In Car

Medak Case: Who Was The Charred Car Driver Found In TS Employee Car - Sakshi Post

MEDAK: In a dramatic turn of events, which had come to light over the Telangana Secretariat employee Dharma Nayak, whose ‘charred body’ was found in his car on January 9 in Tekmal, was alive and that the charred body was that of another person who drove the car. The car was found completely burnt in a gorge on the outskirts of Venkatapur village in Medak district.

After Medak police conducted a thorough investigation they found that Dharma Nayak was alive and was in touch with his family members police traced Nayak’s mobile phone calls. He had faked his death to claim Rs 7 Crores in insurance money to clear 2 Crore Rupees in debt he accumulated through online gambling and betting.

Dharma Nayak was caught and brought back to Hyderabad and an innocent driver was allegedly killed as part of his conspiracy to lay claim for his insurance money. It is reported that the charred body of the man found at the accident site in Tekmal was that of a part-time driver, as Dharma Nayak had no driver. He was said to be a man hailing from Bihar, and that Dharma had employed him on the fourth of this month as part of his plan to make money. Police initially suspect that he got the man fully drunk and would have killed him and dumped his body in the car and set it on fire using the petrol he brought along with him. He purchased a secondhand car two months ago and after committing the crime Dharma called his wife Neela and went to Gunda Shahbad Thanda and escaped from there in another vehicle to Pune.

It is also rumoured that he hatched the plan along with his sister’s son who lives in Naveenpeta in the Nizamabad district and he might be an accomplice to the crime in lure for money. On Tuesday, a media team tried to talk to Dharma Nayak's wife Neela, and other family members. But they remained tightlipped. Medak DSP, Alladurgam CI, Medak CI, and Tekmal police have brought Dharma Nayak to the spot and collected details.

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